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Jack and Jill Nursery, Corfe Mullen

Well-established day nursery for children from 3 months.

What Parents Say

Here’s a few examples of what parents say about Jack and Jill Nursery…

“Jack and Jill is a lovely nursery setting. My son attends every day and really looks forward to it. He has made so many friends and gets on very well with all staff members too. His confidence has improved significantly since he started and he always brings things home that he makes or tells us about what activities or cooking he’s been doing. I really like how all of the play and learning zones are arranged and the staff are always so friendly and understanding towards individual needs. Also, they are very good at keeping parents updated with various subjects they are concentrating on and sending newsletters etc…
I genuinely feel like my child is as happy, safe and cared for at Jack and Jill as if he were in my care. I know my son will really miss going when he starts school and I will definitely be choosing Jack and Jill for my next child!”

“My son has been attending Jack and Jill’s since September 2016. My son settled quickly and loves going there. He has gained so much from the time he has spent there. Aside from all the usual qualities e.g. feeling safe, a lovely environment, good facilities, the thing that makes this nursery stand out above others is the staff. They are so friendly, helpful and supportive. They provide a varied selection of fun activities designed to focus on each area of development. They encourage the children to take part in all activities. They are also great at realising a child’s own interests or strengths and build or adapt activities to suit these. My son has been extremely happy here and always talks enthusiastically about the things he does. A great nursery!”

“Since changing nursery setting and sending my little boy to Jack and Jill’s his confidence has grown immensely. His speech has also come on leaps and bounds. The staff are warm and friendly and my little boy is very comfortable around them, which makes it easy to leave him knowing how happy and safe he is in the setting. I recommend this nursery to everyone looking for a nursery in this area.”

“Jack and Jill Nursery is the best place for a child to be. The staff are fantastic, friendly and truly caring. I am very impressed with their level of commitment and the attention given to each child. My children absolutely love this nursery and they will remember it and the teachers always.”

“My daughter has only been attending Jack and Jill for around 6 weeks but she has already settled in extremely well. The staff went above and beyond to make her feel welcome and always seem to be very interactive with all the children.
My daughter always comes home and tells us about the fun things she has learnt/played with which is always lovely to hear. I want to say a big thank you to all the Jack and Jill staff, you do a great job!”

“Fantastic nursery with caring and knowledgeable staff. My son attended this nursery and was happy and content, enjoying all activities inside and in their outside space. Staff attended a specialist training course for Autism to help with my son’s additional needs.”

“My granddaughter started at Jack and Jill very recently and she absolutely loves it. The staff are caring and encouraging and have enabled her to settle in with remarkable ease. My granddaughter has made several little friends and, as an only child, this has been an important aspect of her time there. The facilities are superb and the opportunities given throughout the morning are second to none. My granddaughter is full of excitement when she is collected at the end of her sessions and loves to tell us all what she’s been up to. We’ve frequently heard new songs she’s learned and new activities she’s done. I can’t recommend this nursery highly enough.”

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